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Sunset (

Sexiest places in the world

There’s no telling what will happen in one of these intimate hot spots.Missile launch

‘Serious threat to world peace’

North Korea provokes outrage with long-range missile launch.Virus (

Viruses infect cars with power

The revolutionary new way to fuel a vehicle? Make it sickFruits and veggies (Getty Images)

Riskiest fruits and vegetables

These super-healthy bites could also put you at the greatest riskWeek in music (Yahoo! Music)

Health scare, drastic hairdo

Natalie Cole’s dire health, and Dixie Chick’s startling haircut.

(Yahoo! Canada News)

  • Lil Wayne

    Hip hop star dabbles in rock


  • Two-nosed

    Bizarre bunny shocks pet shop


  • Sorority Row

    Trailer for Hills star’s first flick



    Keira’s ad

    Brutal PSA sparks anger



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