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June 11th, 2009 • Filed Under

Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere Header

Check out actress Heather Graham looking AMAZING in this thin, blue dress! And after viewing these photos for yourself, you will agree that the word “amazing” is totally necessary and completely true. Not that long ago it almost seemed like Heather would just fade away into the past, but this lady is making a comeback and doing so with style! A lot of guys would totally be distracted by the form-fitting gown that she’s wearing that boasts robust nipples and immaculate breasts. Fortunately, I’m not easily distracted, especially by Heather Graham’s great body.

Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 1Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 3Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 4Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 5Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 6Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 7Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 8Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 9Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 10Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 11Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 13 Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 12Heather Graham “The Hangover” Premiere 2


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